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Prefabricated wall elements

Struxura is the result of a family investment in the automatization of construction. We invested in an innovative production that glues blocks to a solid load baring precast wall (300.000m² per year). The end product of this automated system speeds up the construction process considerably, due to the weather independent installation of the walls, their quality and dimensional stability. The young STRUXURA management is well aware of the needs of contractors, and consequently both commercially and strategically well placed to inshore added value to their customers. The Degroote family has 30 years of experience in the construction industry and looks positively and creative forward to the future.



Due to its modern plant Struxura represents today a huge potential opportunities in precast wall elements available to its customers, in both volume and form. We deliver story high walls virtually unlimited in length and height with or without the necessary openings (windows, doors, …), accessories (weir, lintels and beams, insulation, …) and with a high degree of flexibility. Our fully automated production is at all times visually and digitally controlled by sensors and cameras. The operator follows up the entire production process that delivers wall sizes up to the millimeter correct. Unseen in the construction industry. In addition, the various used materials make sure that all of the walls in different compressive strengths and the environment classes may be realized.


Struxura is both national and international active. Interested in our products or services, you want to get information for a specified project, please contact us for a free quote. With a minimum of information (pdf planning, quantity survey and cutlery) we will help you so on. Also, for the mounting of the walls and other services Struxura can offer a solution. (Click here for more info)


Struxura production process mainly consists of 4 main steps:

Prefab Muren Struxura

The preparation

Starting from the digital architectural plans and stability calculations we create 3D production drawings. This is done in consultation with the contractor and, takes in consideration, the site conditions and available materials.

The production

The story-high walls and gables, are computer controlled and in optimum conditions, automatically glued with a high performance mortar. The up to 12 m long walls are sawed with a CNC based water cutting machine in any desired shape and up to the mm correct. Already during the planning, windows and door openings are determined and the lintel is integrated into the full prefabricated automatic process.

The transport

The walls that are produced and delivered according to the assembly order are placed on container pallets and transported by truck to the construction site. Lifting devices are integrated in the wall so that lifting can take place efficiently and without any additional tools. In this way we minimize the waste on site, ensure safe and quick placement.

The installation

The “just in time” deliveries ensures that the walls can be placed according to the preplanned schedule and without disruption on the construction site. Increase the efficiency of the constructor, that’s our goal! After the alignment of the wall elements are placed on the in the non-shrink grout. Through tension and compression struts one places given the wall level, and a temporary support. The connections between the walls is done by grouting with high efficiency adhesive mortar. The assembly can optionally be outsourced to an installation partner of Struxura.




Questions ?

Are you owner, contractor, architect, engineering firm, ... you have questions. Feel free to ask them! You can reach us by using the contact form, email or telephone. We will listen carefully and work together to find the best possible answer. That’s what partners are for!

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