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Why Struxura?

We are a family business that invests in human knowledge, innovation and automation. To meet the demands, we need to build more and more efficient, on a higher quality scale and less labor intensive. Struxura hereby provides the solution. Prefabricated walls are glued and fully automatically cut to size by a unique sawing technique which uses a water jet. Making walls was never so fast. The traditional way of building is combined with all the advantages of precast systems. Building is simpler, better in quality and much faster.
Struxura always takes in consideration the customers’ demands. From floor to ceiling walls can be up to 3.5 meters high and 12 meters (output length) long. A high performance adhesive mortar is used to join the qualitative blocks out of solid ground building materials such as bricks, concrete, limestone, expanded clay, porous concrete and pumice. Thereby, we are able to provide to our clients high quality and low cost advantages over conventional masonry works. Already during the planning, windows and door openings are determined and the lintel is integrated into the full prefabricated automatic process.
Our experience in the construction industry and our view towards tomorrow enable us to add value throughout the entire course of the process so that the needs of the customer are prior. Our independence of brands or suppliers also offers unprecedented combination possibilities in our product range. Our knowledge and support to the customer guarantees a flawless and well-orchestrated integration into their construction process.

  • capacity of 1250m² per day
  • High floor walls up to 12m long.
  • all forms and to the right cut mm (window openings, gables, openings …) All sizes and materials, including high compressive strengths
  • Dry, shrink and crack-free construction in all circumstances
  • Traditional water barrier (dpc, …) and insulation layer (cellular concrete, …) integrated.
  • Coordination of several pre-assembled components within one project
  • Assembly by third parties is possible
  • Professional assistance during the entire process
  • Common knowledge
  • Precise planning and coordination



Questions ?

Are you owner, contractor, architect, engineering firm, ... you have questions. Feel free to ask them! You can reach us by using the contact form, email or telephone. We will listen carefully and work together to find the best possible answer. That’s what partners are for!

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