Easy & Efficient

  • Right product at the right price.
  • Different levels can be carried out in different types of materials.
  • All materials are approved BENOR.
  • We have support from the manufacturers for specific technical questions.
  • Complete integration with other precasted elements

Fast & Economic

  • Easy assembly
  • No scaffolding
  • Weather Independent
  • Ergonomically
  • Clear planning
  • Flat structure = easy communication

Precise & Quality

  • Fully computerized
  • Perfectly straight walls shrinkage and-tear free.
  • High performance adhesive mortar controlled during use.
  • Controller has full control on the construction site

Innovative & Practical

The constructive walls are executed exactly as the architect and engineering firm have designed. Correct up to one mm, unseen in the construction sector. Not only are the walls of an unprecedented quality but also the added value offered by our system. The plaster can be minimized due to the flat surface of the walls. Techniques can be easily incorporated by the using the vertical channels in the walls.

Durable & Ecological

  • Centralized production = less waste less transport
  • Less risk of work accidents at the construction site.
  • Fail proof system, due to supervised quality control
  • Mortar creates a fire resistant adhesive