Is gluing better than standard mortar

The stones Struxura uses for the gluing are calibrated and have vertical tongue-and-groove connection. They are glued to each other horizontally. The traditional grout is hereby replaced by a glue mortar, that is applied in a controlled environment. The joint thickness is approximately 1 mm. Thanks to the mortar and the thin joint walls can be erected immediately to floor height, without the risk of sagging walls or swimming stones. The accuracy of the automatic process reduces the amount of waste. Glued walls also contribute to the overall comfort. Due to the absence of mortar joints, which are cold bridges in the inner wall, there is a better thermal insulating

Can all blocs be glued?

The blocks used by Struxura to glue are blocks with an correct tolerance. To achieve this tolerance to the different types of materials used, Various operations during the production process of these materials are conducted. Ceramic blocks are cut. Concrete and sand-lime blocks already have the necessary precision to glue them. Cell-concrete blocks are accurately sawn and therefore can be glued also.

Is prefab construction cheaper

We use almost the same materials as in a traditional construction. But more significant is the preparatory work. Struxura nevertheless manages to offer prefabricated wall elements of the price of traditional masonry. The big gain for the contractor and builder, is made especially in the erecting. The project is less weather dependent, the production itself takes place in more optimal conditions, what increases the quality. Thanks to today’s technology there are no architectural limits for those choosing precast construction. Good to know is that any repetition in architecture can reduce the cost because it can be produced in series. Today, there are prefabricated solutions for interior and exterior walls, even for total walls including insulation. These quality materials combined with a professional mounting inshore a better and faster implementation.

In witch type of constructions prefab can be used

  • Housing
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Public constructions
  • Offices
  • Industrial (to a lesser extent)