Kind of materials


The choice of the right stone is made by four main criteria: the type of home, the type of processing, thermal properties and compressive strength. The process is always glued. The other three criteria are indicated by the specifications drawn up by the architect / engineers. To meet those criteria and stay commercially reasonable priced we have several partners who provide us with a high standard quality and CE approved blocks. Except blocks of different sizes, they can be smooth or ribbed, have high or slightly lower insulating properties and contain from 10N to 30N compressive strength. Together with the client we determine what meets up with the requirements.


The concrete blocks that Struxura uses have been modified for optimalisation during production. The blocks have on their four sides a tongue and groove and come as Lego blocks together. The glue is applied in the joint, no glue mortar is spilled on the outsides, what results in a very clean surface. This enables the contractor to keep the walls apparent in some cases. These blocks come in two versions, lightweight concrete and heavy concrete. With these two types of blocks we can meet up again to our four selection criteria. (The property type, type of processing, thermal properties and compressive strength)

Sand lime

Sand-lime bricks is a material that has gain market share recent years. Due to its shape and dimensional stability sand-lime is an easy product to use in our production. The unique hoisting system can also be used on this walls due to the mix of hollow and full bricks. There is only weight and distance that can be a bugger on this product

Aerated concrete

While other products may drop out, solace aerated bricks can bring the solution. Aerated concrete is not only used as a replacement of masonry wall, It is used as well as an integrated as an insulating base (C4, C5). Our machine can glue blocks to 0.5m³. Walls of 49cm thick is no problem for the machine. Also this material can be bonded in different sizes and types. All to please the customer.




Questions ?

Are you owner, contractor, architect, engineering firm, ... you have questions. Feel free to ask them! You can reach us by using the contact form, email or telephone. We will listen carefully and work together to find the best possible answer. That’s what partners are for!

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